+ Donations are very helpful to the site as a whole and help keep it paid for when renewing the yearly subscription I have with Smack Jeeves. It also helps out with personal effects and goes toward savings for purchases that I need to consider down the road such as a home and emergency needs. They also help out with other projects that I have to run or take care of on Deviant art such as groups and Pokémon tournaments.

+ As a reward for donators, I’m offering shiny Pokémon for those that own fifth generation games for every five dollar amount. What I have available is listed here.

001 Bulbasaur; 004 Charmander; 032 Nidoran Male; 063 Abra; 109 Koffing; 133 Eevee; 147 Dratini; 156 Quilava; 170 Chinchou; 183 Marill; 228 Houndour; 246 Larvitar; 252 Treecko; 311 Plusle; 328 Trapinch; 331 Cacnea; 334 Altaria; 336 Seviper; 337 Lanatone; 338 Solrock; 355 Duskull; 359; 390 Chimchar; Absol; 438 Bonsly; 451 Skorupi; 459 Snover; 489 Phione; 517 Munna; 519 Pidove; 524 Raggenrola; 551 Sandile; 567 Archeops; 580 Ducklett; 588 Karrablast; 593 Jellicent; 604 Elektross; 619 Mienfoo; 636 Larvesta

All Pokémon listed are Clones of legitimate shiny Pokémon, and are in no way hacked.

+All that I require is an exchange of Friend Codes, the Pokémon you would desire and the transaction number for the donation you have given in order to check against my paypal records.

If you’re interested, I can be contacted through these means.

E-mail: cmb_hi@hotmail.com
Deviant art: http://newyorkdefendertalon.deviantart.com/
And through Smack Jeeves messaging.

Please do not send repeated messages and know that your reward for your donation is only given with a full five dollar amount, not over a collection of donated sums. You may donate for multiple Pokémon if desired, just make sure that you follow the same steps as above.

Accumulated rewards will intravenously reap new site downloads such as Pokémon wallpapers that will become available to anyone that visits the site.

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